Why Boxers Are The Worst Dogs? 10 Reasons And Solutions

Why Boxers Are The Worst Dogs?

The boxer breed dogs are lively and playful, but others could fit better. No dog breed can be considered the “worst” because each dog is unique and distinctive. But some people ask Why Boxers Are The Worst Dogs. Boxer requires a lot of exercise and play; these may be too much for a busy person. They are also trained well from the beginning and become familiar with other people and animals. This prevents them from acting aggressively. If one needs more time for a Boxer to play with or to train, this breed is probably not ideal for that person.

Reasons Why Boxers Are The Worst Dogs?

Super Active: Boxers are high-energy level dogs. They need to play and run a lot.

Stubborn: While Training, Sometimes they don’t listen or follow the Trainer’s instructions, making training hard.

Need Lots of Love: Whenever they get bored, they get into trouble. They don’t like to spend time alone.

Drooly: Boxers drool a lot, which can be messy.

Jumpy: They love to jump, which might be too much for little kids or older people.

Health Issues: “Unfortunately, cancer is the most common health issue with this breed, reaching almost 40% of causes of deaths in Boxers according to the “UK Kennel Club”, with brain tumours being one of the conditions represented in the majority of cases.”

Other Pets: They might only sometimes get along with other animals if used to them.

Cold and Hot: They could do better in cold or hot weather.

Shedding: Boxers shed, so you’ll find hair around.

Loud: Boxers can be noisy, talking with barks and howls more than others.

what is the bite force of a boxer

Boxer Dog Temperament

  • Playful
  • Energetic
  • Intelligent
  • Patient
  • Protective
  • Brave
  • Active and restless
  • Headstrong
  • Can be aggressive
  • A boxer is a family pet par excellence since it lives well with kids and is generally a good-natured, playful animal. On the other hand, Boxers can exhibit a vicious side and may be trained to bite. Since they are active protectors, they can also show unrequired aggression sometimes. A Boxer dog bite can cause huge injuries due to its strong underbite jaw.
  • Usually, people have behavioral issues with their Boxers because of bad puppy training. In addition, the dog’s aggressiveness could result from it having to cope with pain or distress. These dogs are also very active and will only be provided with the required activity if they are provided with it. Bad behavior could imply holes, chewing, not obeying commands, and biting. They tend to be headstrong and possess a strong will, hence the need for solid disciplining and effective training to be obedient.
Boxer: A Working Dog

Police Dogs – Boxers are one of the preferred breeds for this work. They focus on superiority and work efficiently in drug searches. They also can be trained to attack those who present danger and suppress criminal activities at your command.

War Dogs – Boxers have been involved in military work from the start and are one of the breeds used in the U.S. Army. Their intelligence, adaptability, and athleticism are the reasons for their high value. Boxers are well-suited as guards due to their strong instincts for protection and aggression. Similarly, they can identify explosives and engage in search and rescue operations.

Service Dogs – Boxers are especially useful as seeing-eye dogs for visually impaired people due to their high intelligence and responsiveness when well-trained. They may be used to help people who have disabilities as well.

Therapy Dogs – It is not uncommon to find highly-trained Boxers employed as therapy dogs in schools, hospitals, hospices, retirement homes, and similar places.

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Why You Should Not Get A Boxer: 12 Disadvantages Of This Breed

boxer bite force

1. Boxers Shed A Lot

2. Boxers Are Excitable

3. Professional Boxers Can Develop Health Problems

4. Fighters May Be Intransigent

5. Some Boxers Suffer From Aggression Problems.

6. Boxers Don’t Like Being Alone For Too Long

7. Dogs will always stay puppies.

8. Boxers Have High Energy Levels

9. Boxers May Be Noisy

10. Boxers Require Very Much Mental Engagement

11. Boxers Are In-Your-Face

12. Boxers Can Be Anxiety-Suffering Dogs

Boxer Breed Characteristics:

Height: Males – 22-25 inches / Females – 21-24 inches

Weight: Males – 65-90 lbs / Females – 50-80 lbs

Color: Dogs are usually fawn, brindle, or white with black and white markings.

Coat: Crisp and silky hair with a soft touch.

Life Span: 9-15 years.

Unique Attributes of Boxer Dogs:

Boxers traditionally have long necks with surprisingly unique faces. Its muzzle is called ‘blunt,’ which means it is very short, contributing to a flatter face than many other dog breeds. The dogs have a specific undercut, which can frequently cause a lot of saliva.

The Boxer’s coat is very short and flat, and the prevailing colors are a fawn shaded in various tones or a brindle brown. In addition, some Boxers of these colors also have white marks on their stomach, feet, neck, or face. These scars are called ‘flash’ marks. Furthermore, close to 20% of Boxer dogs are entirely white.

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1. Start Training Early: The sooner the Boxer puppies start training, the better. This early step is extremely effective for shaping their behavior and future training.

2. Understand Boxer’s Personality: Recognize the distinctive features of the Boxer breed. They are recognized for their loyalty, intelligence, and a bit of stubbornness due to their intelligence. This perception can also assist in designing the training to be more relevant.

3. Emphasize Socialization: Socializing your Boxer is of great importance. They must be able to get along with people and dogs, as well as control their behavior when they are alone. Socialization helps in alleviating the intensity of aggression and fear.

4. Regular Exercise is Essential: A healthy and lively Boxer requires regular workouts to stay active. It keeps them energized, and this benefits their body and mind.

5. Leadership and Consistency: During training, assert your dominance as you offer leadership and consistency. This does not mean being rude but being consistent and firm with the rules.

6. Use a Reward System: Boxers respond well to positive reinforcement. This could be in the form of giving treats, toys, or praise. Recall that we aim to inspire desired behavior rather than using punishment.

7. Teach Basic Commands and Tricks: Start with the basic commands and introduce new skills. It helps their mental development and fortifies the relationship between you and your Boxer. Dog obedience training can be fun for you and your dog.

Every one of these methods is centered around patience, empathy, and consistency in training your Boxer. The boxers are highly intelligent, lively dogs that need a lot of communication and activity. In the long run, adjusting the training to the pet’s personality and requirements will result in a fulfilling experience for the owner and the pet.

Boxer Dog Bite Force

A Boxer dog’s bite is powerful, with a force of about 230 pounds in every square inch. This implies they have enough bit power to perform tasks like guarding or hunting, but other dogs have much stronger bites. Teaching and befriending Boxers is vital so they properly use their bite.

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Is Cropping Boxer’s Ears Necessary?

Boxers have ears that fall flat like a crepe but are sometimes cropped by the owners. This is the way ears are trimmed so that they point upward. This is forbidden in many countries but allowed in most of the U.S.- though controlled in some states. The choice for this to happen or not includes aesthetic, efficiency, and ethical concerns.


Boxers are two-in-one: they are the most fun and smart dogs. They are very active and require many hours of playing. They are strong and impressive with their short, flat noses. Boxers for families meanwhile who have time to spend with them can be excellent. Fun is essential for them; they need to spend a lot of time playing and learning to be happy. A Boxer is a great pet if you’re up to training them and staying active. They would not abandon you, no matter what happens. They are the ones who will protect you and love you a lot.

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