Cropping Boxer Ears: Complete Guide With Procedure

Cropping Boxer Ears is a common practice the vet usually does. At the same time, a service puppy is around eight and twelve weeks old. A sound/lifestyle choice, this is a cosmetic surgery where floppy ears are cut off, and the rest is stitched to stand erect instead of flopping or falling naturally.

Historical Basis for Cropping Boxer Ears

The original Boxer standard, adopted in Germany in 1902, is still intact, thus making it clear that for the Germans, the reason for Cropping Boxer Ears is and always has been aesthetics. The German verbatim, “This and the cutting of the tail is important because long ears make the dogs look like a sleepy expression, which is very mistaken,” reveals that humans did the work. A practice of ear cropping back then was done before puppies left the litter, similar to how tail docking is now.

Changing Attitudes and Legal Status of Ear Cropping

It is now common for partners and owners to be given a choice, and they naturally want their animals to remain “floppy-eared”; that is, with their cow-like ears still on. Cropping Boxer Ears (removing part of an animal’s legs), similar to tail docking, is still legal in the USA. The other matter is banning the Boxer in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand, Russia, Italy, France, and Sweden, as well as Germany, the country of origin of the Boxer.

boxer dog cropped ears

Popularity and Rationale Behind Ear Cropping

The Cropping Boxer Ears is one of the most common surgeries owners choose to have done. Crucially, the original German Boxer standard is reasonable about the primary perceived purpose of cropping the ears, which is about appearance. Having said this, there are many additional reasons for keeping this practice alive. Others could have been pertinent erstwhile for Boxers when they were working dogs the most.

Cultural Perceptions and Breeding Practices

Some are not very conservative people, and those of that sort are on even more shaky ground in the past and the present. As most boxing fans know, one of the main factors influencing the strategy and tactics of a boxer is how they perceive their opponent’s look. Keeping to the traditional Boxer look, or “breed standard,” is the aim that most breeders with cropping puppies seem to have.

American Boxer Club’s Stance on Natural Ears

However, the official standard of the American Boxer Club does allow for natural ears: However, the official standard of the American Boxer Club does allow for natural ears: According to tradition, the ears are worn atop the heads and cut to stand quite a distance from each other, and they are supposed to be upright while the dog is alert. The ears must be missed if they are around (ear-cropping). If this were not the case, the ears should be medium in size, thin, lying flat against the face, and start to protrude forward with an evident crease when alerted.

Safety Considerations in Ear Cropping

When Boxers were used almost for everything – as hunting dogs and guard dogs- it was essential to leave ears unclipped (cropped) to prevent a bear, a wild boar, or an attacker from grabbing them.

The ear was, therefore, thought of as the weakest point of a dog’s body that might result in soft tissue injury if not covered.

boxer dog cropped ears

Ear Health and Cropping

Some believe that floppy ears suffer more from mites and yeast infections. In contrast, others think there is no clinical evidence to support this.

Other breeds do not possess ears like Boxer’s, which are firm and lean, or ears that sag low and bulgy, and these breeds rarely undergo the set of surgeries that Boxer breeds do. If you think of the Cocker, Spaniel is an example of a breed that has been selectively bred to have a notable characteristic, such as protruding ears.

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Improved Hearing Through Ear Cropping

The American Kennel Club claims that Cropping Boxer Ears will ascertain the ability to see clearly, enabling its ears to function to the best of its capacity.

Indeed, the ears of a Boxer, designed to function as expected, are as good as the floppy ones of various other breeds.

Addressing “Uneven” Ears

Per, the Boxer breed has been subjected to “uncontrolled” or uneven ears during the breeding process. Consequently, surgery to correct the ears is required to rectify their abnormal condition.

Besides mentioning that the ears are only sometimes cropped symmetrically and come out as planned, the site refers to this, too.

Take care not to confuse surgical ear cropping for aesthetic reasons such as ear taping and massaging that Boxer puppies receive to make theirs look like “flying nun ears.”

Aftercare and Healing

Aftercare/posting is the most extended process among surgeries of all kinds. It can last from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the patient’s history and the condition of the ear. I’ve used everything I could find in my garage to get earlobes up, which include talking sticks, finger snoring strips, skin bonds, mole foam, and even tampon holders.

Foam rods can easily be used and have the least risk. They are the most comfortable for the dog. That’s it: it’s what is hidden inside its ears. They are simple, low-cost, and easy to utilize. Among those approaches, this particular method worries them the most.

 boxer dog cut ears

But what I’ve realized through experience is the rapidity and efficacy of homeopathy and natural medicine in that it heals more than half time with a cleaner healed edge. Homeopathy can be safely classed as a treatment with almost no side effects. Nature cure agents, of which Healing Solution is the latest, are safe, very effective, and do not provoke the development of resistant bacterial strains. Back then, I always used to give my dogs somehow antibiotics like Clavamox or Keflex, as well as Rimadyl and Tramadol.

I can treat various ailments using these three products: Healing Solution, Arnica, and Hepar. The increased length of healing and less pain are seen in cases with natural support. In the last nearly forty years of the ear crop aftercare, I’ve never experienced the outcomes on pain relief and natural medication support that I’m having with traditional medicines – it is not only with the natural medications but also with trimming, allergies, stress, trauma and a long list of health concerns – both in the life of dogs and the humans.

Legal Status of Ear Cropping

Is the idea of Ear Cropping in the Boxer breed illegal?

It is legal to perform ear cropping (cutting off the ears) in the U.S. However, you must note that a few states have strict prohibitions on the practice, such as: However, you must note that a few states have strict bans on the practice, such as:

  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • New Hampshire

On the other hand, only licensed veterinarians are given the authority to do this in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The clippers used to cut their ears create a lot of pressure on the dog’s ears. Consequently, dogs have to be anesthetized to get their ears clipped.

In addition, Washington state, just like the rest of them, has its own rules, and the only kind of ear cropping they legally recognize is that performed with the help of “accepted cattle husbandry methods.”

Some societies make dogs’ crop ears mandatory to participate in the shows. Ear trimming your Boxer pet, which is this purpose, can be allowed.

On the contrary, many countries have categorically forbidden ‘ear cropping’ and have gone as far as to deem it illegal. It includes:

  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand

Some provinces in Canada also banned the practice, such as Some provinces in Canada also banned the practice, such as:

  • Manitoba
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Québec

In recent years, the ethics of Otoplasty have been questioned, mainly in the U.S.

The American Veterinary Medical Association member organization, the AVMA, has banned the unnecessary cropping of puppies’ ears for ceremonial purposes.

The AVMA policy statement on ear cropping and tail docking of dogs reads: The AVMA policy statement on ear cropping and tail docking of dogs reads:

“AVMA’s stance against ear clipping and tail docking in dogs is clear. The AVMA calls for breed standards to be adjusted to eradicate ear cropping and tail docking.”

The resolution is beneficial to conflict with the Boxers but lousy for the Manchus. These puppies will never have to feel or undergo this painful procedure. Moreover, it’ll prevent their transplantation and save our dogs from a false beauty and style trend.

Therefore, cropping of ears is optional to prevent the breeding of Boxer dogs or keep them from competing in dog shows.

Health Benefits and Ear Cropping

boxer with docked ears

Do Boxers Enjoy Any Special Health Benefits Due to Their Cropped Ears?

Boxer cropping is highly regarded for removing the possibility of ear infections. Moreover, it can increase their sense of hearing because the contact of the sound to the eardrum is immediate and not hindered by the falling of the ear flap.

Dogs with docked ears can develop ear canal infections much less frequently than natural-eared dogs, as the fundamental problems associated with this condition are related to the extra-long ear.

Some American Veterinary Medical Association experts may find this contradictory because it is a strong argument. The veterinaries insisted that the breed’s genetics usually tended to be the main factor responsible for the increased tendency.

Anatomically, the patient ear of a Boxer tends to be covered. It keeps the air away from breaching the ear, especially after sweating. This altered airflow leads to a rise of ear infections among Boxers who have not undergone ear cropping.

Most croppers assume this is a way to allow for more airflow and decrease the warm, humid breeding ground for bacteria. Thus, this breed contributes to multiple Boxer owners having their dog’s ears cropped so that they can stand upright.

While ear clipping is an attempt to prevent otitis media, it has not shown any positive results in remedying or eliminating inner ear infections.

Procedure Of Cropping Boxer Ears

Ear Cropping Procedure: The boxer ears are cropped by cutting the back part of the ear fold, which results in the ear appearing smaller and inward.

Ear cropping, which is a practice that is being done on 8 to 12-week-old Boxer pups, is well known. Bandaging will go on for 30-45 minutes, but a prolonged stage of the healing will take about six weeks if there are no complications.

If you’re curious, the standard procedure for Boxer dog ear cropping goes as follows: If you’re interested, the common method for Boxer dog ear cropping goes as follows:

During the procedure, the puppy will be put to sleep using anesthesia. Through general anesthesia, the pain subsides, the dog is put to sleep, and the anesthesia relaxes muscles. Often, a sedative drug of the pre-anesthetic and agent-analgesic type will help calm your Boxer dog and put it in a better position to handle the anesthesia. The vet or vet assistant will dry the ears. The preoperative cleansing of the ears prevents them from getting infected. The ears of your Boxer in the standard style are clipped and scrubbed with soap. And use it in such a way that the area can be cleaned well.

boxer with cropped ears

The vet will remove a part of your Bolster’s ear. It will be a decision from the bottom part of the ear to the center, taking out the upper half of the ear. The remaining human ear will now be a triangular one. It is tailored so the ear flap does not cover the other ear. Their straight tendrils will be like the upright body. We continued to work with the same ear as the other ear.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Ear Cropping in Boxers.

When it comes to the ears of the boxer breed, and you want them cropped, you should consider whether it is a good move because there will be pros and cons.

Fortunately, that will be fine as I shall give you a concise but to-the-point pros and cons list that you will use to make the best decision about ear cropping for your Boxer.


  • On a Boxer, a high set of ears looks excellent. Where it differs from the natural ears that are soft and pretty, the cut ear style goes along with the head, and the blunt snout has a square shape.
  • Plenty of mixed-breed dogs have crops and trims in their ears, which is the standard for various dogs, including Boxers. This crossbreeding avails those breeders the breed with an ideal and sharp-eyed appearance. In the case of a Boxer with a cropped ear style joining a show, one can reasonably argue that such a Boxer will have a more significant opportunity to capture the judge’s attention and interest.
  • For many dog breeders and owners, ear cropping is a feminine tradition passed from owner to owner. They are practiced in several dogs, often causing the poor dog to become quite unclear if its ears have been cropped, which might be controversial in the dog sports community.
  • Water, which has a high salt content, will not be absorbed by the ear canal. [Ear infections, presumably due to yeast or bacteria, ear mites, or ticks lying on the ear flap, would rarely be an issue for a dog with clipped ears.


Natural oils will oil your dog’s Boxer ears from your skin and won’t get dirty. Infectious triggers known as yeast or bacteria, ear mites, or ticks that like to nestle under the ear are sure never to be issued with a dog whose ears have been clipped.


  • Veterinarians who are experienced in doing it can perform the cropping in the ears of a boxer for an amount ranging from $300 to $600. Above the surgical cost, you might also pay for more expenses like additional visitations to check up on your dog’s post-surgery health. The fees may vary from one location to another, usually based on the dog’s weight.
  • Facing up to the strong social stigma attached to ear cutting is part of it. As our previous dialogue illustrates, the inserted pins of the affected dogs are regarded as animal cruelty by animal rights supporters and dog owners.
  1. For the Cropping Boxer Ears, the process involves brain alteration that is often accompanied by trauma and distress. Despite the healing process, They will wear the dreadful Elizabethan collar. Moreover, put tremendous effort into caring for your Boxer while it is healing. The tapes are also adjusted and placed in a certain way to guarantee that they produce the desired effect of the standing-up ears.

The science does not reflect a proven positive effect that is specific to the clipped ears of your dog’s health.

While the most common operation is performed on puppies, there is a possibility of an allergic reaction to the anesthetics that may be given to your puppy. The Boxer breed presents a low allergen capacity. Therefore, there is a very low possibility that the owners can lose their Boxer puppies due to reported postoperative complications.

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