At Pets Paws Care, we make sure to protect people’s creative work by following the rules of the Digital Copyright Act (DMCA). This prevents the use of creators’ content on our platform without permission.
The DMCA policy is all about keeping things secure. It deals with situations where we don’t know who contributed content, emphasizing our commitment to a safe space for sharing.
We’re quick to respond to any infringement and take necessary actions. We hope our users and their representatives also care about protecting intellectual property.
This DMCA Policy applies to our website,, and all related products and services. Here, we, the Website operator, explain how we handle copyright infringement notifications and guide you on submitting complaints.
Before filing a copyright complaint, think about these things:
  1. Checking Infringement: If you’re not sure about infringement, consider legal advice before notifying us.
  2. Personal Information: The DMCA needs your personal info in the complaint.
For copyright owners or agents, send a written copyright infringement notification with the contact details provided. We might remove or limit access to alleged infringing material if your complaint is accurate, valid, and complete.
If we take down content or close an account, we’ll do our best to tell the affected user. But, we might not do anything if a DMCA notification doesn’t meet all the requirements.
This Policy doesn’t stop us from trying other ways to handle suspected infringement.
We might change this Policy or its terms for the Website and Services. If we do, we’ll post notices on the Website and send emails. Your use of the Website and Services after the new Policy’s effective date means you agree to the changes.
To report copyright infringement, contact us at Email:
Expect an email response within 1-2 business days.