Board and Train for Dogs! Pros And Cons

What is a Board and Train Dog Training Program?

A Board and Train Dog Training Program is where dogs live at a trainer’s place for some time. Here, trainers teach them about following commands, acting better, and getting along with others. This way, dogs learn faster and more smoothly than usual. After finishing, dog owners get tips on how to keep up with their dog’s new skills.

How Long Does a Board and Train Last?

Board and Train times can change a lot. It often lasts from a few weeks to a few months. Most times, it’s between two to four weeks. This depends on what the dog needs to learn and the owner and trainer’s goals. Short programs work on simple commands and behavior. Longer ones deal with more complex issues or more advanced lessons.

How Much Does Board and Train Cost?

The price of Board and Train can be very different. It depends on where, how good the trainer is, how long it lasts, and what the dog needs to learn. Usually, it costs from $1,000 to more than $4,000 for a typical two to four-week program. If the training is for more complex problems or special skills, it might cost more.

Pros & Cons of Board and Train Programs


Fast Learning: Dogs learn quickly in these programs because they get training every day. This helps solve behavior problems rapidly. Dogs get better and more quickly because of the nonstop, expert training.

Easier for Owners: These programs remove the hard start of training for owners. Experts do the most challenging part early, so owners keep up with the good habits later. It’s great for owners who find starting training hard.

Fresh Start: It’s a new beginning for puppies or dogs that haven’t learned much. Trainers teach them the right way from the start. This is good for making sure they act well and follow commands.


Finding a Good One: Finding a great Board and Train program takes work. The quality and ways of training are different everywhere. It’s essential to pick a trainer that matches what the owner thinks is suitable for their dog.

Adjusting Home: Dogs might find it hard to get used to being home again after training. Moving from a strict training place to a regular home life can confuse them. Owners need to be patient and help their dogs adjust.

Missing Out on Bonding: Owners miss out on building a bond with their dogs by not being part of the daily training. This bond is critical to ongoing training success and understanding their dog.

Cost: These programs can be a lot more expensive than other options. The high price might make it hard for some owners to afford.

No Supervision: Owners can’t see how their dog is trained or how they react to training. Not being able to watch can worry owners, especially about whether the training is kind and works well.

Board and Train for Aggressive Dogs

These programs are unique for aggressive dogs. They offer focused training to deal with aggression. Expert trainers significantly adjust their methods for each dog to improve their behavior. However, owners must keep working on the training at home to ensure good behavior lasts.

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Board and Train for Puppies

These programs help puppies start right by obeying commands and getting along with others. They learn essential behaviors and meet new friends. While a strong start is set in these programs, how well puppies do later depends on owners keeping up with the training at home.

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