Why Does My Cat Cough After Drinking Water? 6 Reasons!

Why Does My Cat Cough After Drinking Water?

Observing a cat cough after drinking water can spark concern and curiosity in pet owners. This behavior could be a simple reaction to drinking too hastily or indicate more severe health issues. Understanding the underlying causes is essential for ensuring the health and comfort of these beloved pets. The same Problem can also occur with dogs and people also ask about dogs cough.

6 medical reasons of Cat Cough:

The reasons of cat cough are as follow:

1. Allergies: Allergies to certain types of food, dust, or even the chemicals in tap water can cause throat irritation and coughing.

2. Hairballs: When cats groom themselves, they swallow hair. Sometimes, this hair can form a hairball that irritates the throat or stomach, causing coughing, especially after drinking.

3. Asthma: Cats can have asthma, which causes difficulty breathing and can be triggered by various factors, including drinking water.

4. Heart Disease: Heart disease can lead to fluid accumulation in or around the lungs, leading to coughing. Drinking might exacerbate this condition, triggering of cat cough.

5. Foreign Objects: Cats might ingest small objects or pieces of food that can get stuck in their throat, causing irritation and coughing after drinking.

6. Esophageal Problems: Disorders of the esophagus, such as esophagitis or a motility disorder, can make swallowing water difficult and lead to coughing.

cat coughs after drinking water

Psychogenic Coughing

Sometimes, coughing can be triggered by psychological factors, such as stress or anxiety, mainly if the drinking occurs in a stressful environment.

Sick with a Cold

Coughing can also mean your cat has a cold that makes their throat sore. If they keep coughing, a vet can check them and give them medicine to make them feel better.

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Your Cat Is Drinking Water Too Quickly

If your cat drinks water too fast, it might start coughing because it takes too quickly. This can make them swallow air and water, which doesn’t feel good and makes them cough. Slowing down their drinking can help stop this from happening.

Your Cat’s Collar Could also be Too Tight.

If your cat’s collar is too tight, it could make them cough. A tight collar presses on their throat, which can be uncomfortable and cause coughing. Ensuring their collar fits right, not too tight or loose, can help prevent this.

cat cough after drinking water

Your Cat Doesn’t Like the Taste of the Water

If your cat doesn’t like the taste of their water, they might drink it strangely or cough afterward. Cats can be picky and might not drink well if the water tastes weird. Giving them fresh, clean water that they like can help stop this problem. Cats like their water to be fresh and clean. If it tastes bad, they might not drink it right and cough. Changing their water daily and using a filter can make it taste better.

Your Cat Could Have a Respiratory infection.

If your cat has a respiratory infection, it could make them cough after drinking water. This infection can make their throat sore and irritated, leading to coughing when they try to drink. Seeing a vet for the proper treatment can help clear up the infection and stop the coughing.


A cat cough after drinking water can be due to various reasons, from drinking too quickly to more serious health issues. It could be allergies, hairballs, asthma, heart disease, foreign objects, or esophageal problems. Stress, colds, a tight collar, or even the taste of the water can also cause a cat cough. If your cat coughs a lot or seems uncomfortable, it’s important to see a vet to find out the cause and get the right treatment. Understanding why a cat cough happens helps keep your pet healthy and happy.

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